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BMW S54 VANOS Rebuilds, Pump Re-Drills, & Upgrades

BMW S54 VANOS Rebuilds, Pump Re-Drills, & Upgrades

BMW S54 VANOS Rebuilds, Pump Re-Drills, & Upgrades BMW S54 VANOS Rebuilds, Pump Re-Drills, & Upgrades

381* NA Lockdown kits worldwide

#SAVEALLTHES54s - VANOS Guru Evolution


I have been a fan of performance cylinder head and camshaft design since I was a kid. My father was a mechanic who liked everything STOCK! So like any first born son, I Naturally spent my time Agitating him by modifying our family vehicles for more power.  I built my first engine as a teenager - stroked 302W - and I was hooked. 

 Fast forward to 2007, I bought my first E46M as a double-duty track rat. Only to have the VANOS system and exhaust hub fail just outside of warranty.  This was before the age of DIY Youtube and forum threads, so I learned the system inside and out - the old school way.  I bought the tools, built the software platform and read....and read and read.

Some of my track friends started experiencing similar failures starting around 2009.  After seeing the egregious repair bills ($7-9k at the time) and the lazy performing cars afterwards (e.g. cams slighty off time), I started offering to help with the repairs.  

After fixing a few DIY, Indy Shop, and Competitor rebuild jobs around Northern California, I started getting messages from members around the country and the world regarding various VANOS problems.  

We have successfully repaired VANOS and cylinder head problems on the S54 with our LOCKDOWN kit solution (Beisan Rebuilt VANOS, Cryo hub, anti-rattle splines, and hardened cam bolts) from as far away as, : Queensland, AUS, United Arab Emirates, Prince Edward Island, and throughout North America.

Enthusiast or Vendor? Meet the E92M Eater - The CSL CLONE!


Our shop car has been fully converted to a street-legal CSL Clone.  OE CF roof, bootlid, full interior, DME, etc..  Catch us at any of the local Rocky Mountain events - HPDE, trackdays, Autocross, or 1/2 mile!

We went overbored (pun intended) on the motor.  The original S54 was stroked and bored to 3.44L.  Cylinder head port shape was redesigned, and we added the largest lift cams we could fit without removing the vanos  system (14.5mm - 12.5mm is stock).  Makes 395whp 288wtq at 8300 RPM - SAE numbers.  Walks track prepared E9XM's and P-cars for breakfast.

S54B32 VANOS Rebuilds & Upgrades


Every VANOS we ship is:

1. Disassembled, seals removed, & soaked for 24 hrs in a solvent hot tank.  

2. Ultrasonic bath at 150 degrees F for 90 minutes.

3. Reassembled with Beisan Systems seals, rebuilt solenoid, re-drilled disc, and re-lubed.

4. Pressure tested, rotated on our test rig, and tested with DIS.